Ostomate deserve a better life

Our Belief

As an Ostomate’s family, we understand the implications of wearing a stoma bag.

As experienced professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, we understand the need for total safety and efficacy in our products.

As senior entrepreneurs, we understand the need for continual direct contact with our customers, understanding your requirements, and developing products that will answer your specific needs.

Bringing Change Together

Bringing Change Together

During development, we are establishing focus groups with ostomates to review the developed prototypes and give us feedback and insight.

We are confident your feedback will contribute to the development of better solutions and help us bring an improved product to market.

We will update you periodically regarding our development status, clinical trials and product availability in your country, and may inform you about crowdfunding opportunities if and when it will be available.

Please be aware that the development of a new medical device is a long process and will take a couple of years. There is a lot of uncertainty along the way. Unfortunately, we cannot consult with all of you around the globe but we do promise to do our best to update you all.

We Invite You to Join Our StomTop Ostomates Community

The StomTop Ostomates Community keeps you informed about our development progress from time to time, and provides opportunities to influence by taking part in surveys and/or focus groups. We also may inform you about options to invest, should we launch a crowdfunding campaign, and update you about clinical trials and product availability in your country when available.

*Please be aware that development of a new medical device takes time, is affected by regulations in different countries and financial availability.



*StomTop Ltd. is a startup company in the development stages.